• Life from a reindeer’s perspective

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    The picture above was captured by a video camera mounted on reindeer. The cow and her calf are slightly removed from the rest of the herd to help strengthen their bond, writes the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA).

    Images captured by this cow forms a part of a larger research project the institute launched in 2011. Nine reindeer were selected to have video cameras mounted to their necks to aid NINA in further research around wild mountain reindeer. Over a period of four years the reindeer captured more than 140 000 photographs.

    This research aims to help conserve the Norwegian wild reindeer amid ever-expanding hydropower facilities that greatly impact on the migration routes the herds follow.

    Read more about the project, here. Or click here for more images and details about the reindeer and the research project on NRK, a Norwegian news site.

    Image credit: The Norwegian Institute for Nature Research

    Source: NRK

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