Galaxy NGC 7714 after a collision

Date:17 June 2015 Tags:, , , , ,

Pictured above are the galaxies NGC 7715 (to the left) and NGC 7714.

While the dynamics behind the image is unclear, NASA and ESA report that NGC 7714 (to the right) has been stretched and distorted by NGC 7715 after a “recent” collision between the two galaxies. Observations indicate that the golden ring comprises of millions of older sun-like stars, which are likely moving with the interior bluer stars, while the bright center appear to be “undergoing a burst of new star formation”.

It is estimated that the interaction between these galaxies would have started about 150 million years ago and should continue for another several hundred million years. The result might be a single central galaxy.

Image credit: NASA/ESA

Read more on the NASA website, here.

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