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Date:13 January 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell Tags:, , ,

CES has showcased some pretty weird technology this year, from futuristic avatar inspired cars, to mobility chairs that look like they’ve been plucked straight out of WALL-E. However, one of the most interesting pieces of technology to come out CES is the Prinker S, a temporary tattoo machine.

The Prinker S is a handheld temporary tattoo printer developed by Prinker Korea Inc. that delivers high-quality tattoos without having to deal with the pain, or uncertainty, that comes with getting a new tattoo.

Unveiled at CES 2020, the device makes use of black (R1400) and coloured (R2100) FDA approved cosmetic ink that can produce temporary waterproof tattoos in just a matter of seconds. According to Prinker, a single black ink cartridge can print up to 1000 tattoos before needing a refill and “is water-resistant and last… until you shower.”

The Prinker S is extremely easy to use. Simply connect the machine to your smartphone via Bluetooth where you can then choose either predesigned tattoo, design your own in the app, or upload a custom image to create your tattoo. Once you’ve selected your tattoo design it gets sent to the machine and you’re ready for some new ink.

Before the printing process starts you will need to apply a primer lotion to the area of skin where the tattoo is going to go, then follow the onscreen instructions indicating what direction you should swipe the machine to apply the tattoo. Finally, press the button located on top of the machine and print away.

Best of all, while the tattoos are indeed water-resistant, due to their FDA approved cosmetic ingredients, they are soap washable, so if you’re regretting your latest tattoo all you need to do was it off with some warm soapy water.

Buy your very own Prinker S for R3,870, which includes a black ink cartridge and the skin primer spray from

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