Glasses VS contact lenses – Facts to consider

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If you don’t have 20/20 vision but your eyes are otherwise healthy, you can choose between glasses or contact lenses to help you see. However, when it comes to that all important question of which one to get, there are positives and negatives to both.

Your choice really depends on your lifestyle and personal preference. We caught up with Leon van Vuuren, CEO of Optique Optometristat their flagship store in Durbanville, who tackles the pro’s and con’s of glasses VS contact lenses.


1. Spectacles require minimal effort as they can easily be placed on and removed you’re your face, therefore, reducing the need to touch your face.

2. Spectacled only need to be replaced every two years.

3. Spectacles can be very fashionable and make a statement.

4. Wearing spectacles do not increase the risks of eye infection or irritations as you are not interrupting the natural environment of your eyes.

5. One can get a protective coating on your spectacle lenses which can assist with computer glare and night driving.


1. Spectacle lenses can result in distortion or reflections due to it sitting about 12mm from your eyes, resulting in ‘ghost images’. Don’t stress, these are not real ghosts.

2. Spectacles can produce an uncomfortable weight on your nose bridge and ears, resulting on ‘wearing lines’.

3. Spectacles can fog up, and collect droplets when getting caught in the rain.

4. There is an adjustment period when changing to new spectacles or prescriptions.

5. Spectacles provide a restricted field of view (Limited to frame size), and you can be aware of the frame which can be distracting.

At Optique, There is no “limited range of glasses to choose from”. You can choose any frame from their range of over 250 frames in any one of their stores. Any frame you choose is included in their “all-inclusive price”. All of their frames are made of the highest quality eco-friendly materials (Acetate and Stainless Steel). New stock is rotated every six months to ensure the latest trends and styles; each hand chose by us to ensure the best quality. The frames are hand-assembled, highly durable, and allergic-free. Also, if you are struggling to adapt to your new lenses – they’ll give you up to 60 days to come back and they will replace, change or refund your glasses to ensure you are satisfied.


1. Contact lenses fit the curvature of your eyes, providing a wider field of view and less visual distortion.

2. Contact lenses are perfect for being active as they do not get in the way.

3. Contact lenses are cosmetically appealing as they match everything you wear.

4. Contact lenses won’t fog up, nor will that collect rain droplets when running in the rain.

5. Contact lenses provide better vision when you have a high prescription and take away the discomfort of a heavy pair of spectacles resting on your nose bridge.


1. Additional expense: you have to replace them regularly

2. Contact lens care and cleaning needs to be accurate and thorough, which can be inconvenient

3. There is a higher risk of getting an eye infection or irritation due to the intrusive nature of contact lenses

4. Contact lenses do not provide comfort and protection for long hours of screen work.

5. More frequent visits at your health care professional is necessary.

Optique Optometrists, a proudly South African organisation are doing things differently when it comes to eye care and eye health! As a company and brand, they continually strive to make eye care more accessible and easier to understand. They make going to the optometrist interesting, exciting, professional, and their goal is to keep it that way.

They’ve so cleverly developed a brand image and brand concept that is easily accessible, affordable and unique in its offering! With over 22 branched nationwide, they have successfully assisted over 60 190 customers, and keep adding to that remarkable amount on a daily basis.

When it comes to South African demand for eye care, it can be considered quite unique, as 75% of people cannot afford proper eye care which is quite alarming. According to research, the average price of an eye test in South Africa is R550; therefore, if you earn R7500 per month, you are part of the top 10% wealthiest people.

This means even then, to get your eyes tested, you have to pay 7% of your salary just to find out the status of your eye health. This is what inspired Leon, the CEO of Optique, to provide a radical alternative solution to South Africans and make eye care accessible by offering a fixed “famous eye test” price of R99 for everyone.

Whether it glasses, contact lenses or simply an eye health check-up, Optique is your one-stop shop for all your eye care needs.

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