• Google expands automatic information deletion

    Date:26 June 2020 Author: Imogen Searra

    Google has created an automatic setting that will delete data after 18 months for new accounts. Existing users will be notified if they wish to do the same. This is part of an adjustment to its privacy policy.

    According to My Broadband, last year the company made changes to allow people to delete the data Google collected after 3 months or 1.5 years.

    “We believe that products should keep your information for only as long as it’s useful and helpful to you—whether that’s being able to find your favorite destinations in Maps or getting recommendations for what to watch on YouTube,” said Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google in a blog post.

    Google has built its business off of data collection, with this listening being the cornerstone of much of its functionality, from search suggestions to Google Ads.

    However, concerns regarding data breaches have led new laws and investigations into tech companies. This is what is behind many of the new data and privacy changes that have been springing up at such companies.

    “As we make privacy and security advances in our own products, we continue to advocate for sensible data regulations around the world, including strong, comprehensive federal privacy legislation in the U.S,” wrote Pichai.

    Image: Google


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