Google provide a glimpse into its latest environmentally friendly campus

Date:13 October 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Google has provided an early glimpse into what its latest San Jose campus will look like, and much like its Googleplex main headquarters located in Mountain View, California, the new facility resembles a playground more so than a conventional office or facility.

Unlike other campuses, which are usually closed off to the public, Googles San Jose campus will be designed to be part of the city. Half of the 32 hectare development will be dedicated to residential spaces and other amenities that local residents can use. These include retail spaces, hotels, and performance areas for music screenings and other live events.

Enjoying nature also plays a huge role in the new campus, as there will be at least 10 parks and several trails for employees and visitors to enjoy. Developing a climate friendly environment also played a big role in the development.

All of the buildings will be powered by either solar or renewable energy, and will feature specially designed rooflines and shapes meant to harness as much of the sun as possible. To reduce the amount of pollution caused by gas-powered vehicles, the campus will be built in a way which allows employees and visitors to access 65 percent of it through the use of bikes, public transit, foot or carpools.

According to Alexa Arena, Google’s district lead for San Jose, these aspects are “a huge step forward in [Google’s] fight against climate change, which we can experience so acutely in Northern California today.”

Google currently plan on constructing around 30 buildings and around 4,000 housing units which will be used to house up to 25,000 employees. That figure could however change in the future, as Google is still asking people to provide feedback on its current campus proposal.  Final approval will be put forward in 2021.

Take a look at the design proposal below:

Picture: Twitter/@verge

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