Gunpoint trailer goes gadget-crazy

Date:25 April 2013 Author: Rogan Louwrens


If a name like Gunpoint isn’t enough to get you to buy a game, consider the fact that it will feature projectile trousers. How ’bout them apples, eh?

Scarily, projectile trousers are among the least awesome things in Gunpoint, a side-scrolling stealth puzzler in which you’ll get to play a freelance spy who can, among others, rewire the electrical systems of buildings to get to his objectives.

Look, it’s a tough one to do any justice with mere old words, so why don’t you watch the latest trailer? It positively coughs up gadgets and trickery.

Gunpoint will be released on Steam when it’s done, and when that happens is anyone’s guess. Sigh.

The following trailer shows off some of the gadgets in Gunpoint:


Images: Tom Francis/Pentadact


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