Hacker snackdown: Quadrilateral Cowboy whips up a new trailer

Date:9 October 2013 Author: Rogan Louwrens

Good news, hacker compatriots: a new Quadrilateral Cowboy trailer has broken out of Los Angeles independent game fest IndieCade, and while it is alarmingly short of cuboid rodeo stars, it is full to the polygonal saddlesacks with the very latest in old technology + ramen noodles + every kind of hacktastic antic you could possibly cram into an acid trip about the nineties.

There is still no triangulation on an actual release date, but the game’s Web site seems pretty bent on a 2013 launch, which kinda narrows it the jenkins down to the final quarter of this year. Here’s hoping.

If Blendo Games can deliver the goods while keeping up their brand of box-cutter swagger and storytelling finess (tell me you’ve played Gravity Bone and Thirty Flights of Loving), well, I don’t even know what kind of superlative to slot in here.

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