Halo 4 game review

Date:10 December 2012

Halo 4 the new title in the halo industry, this time driven by 343 industries. It’s been a good ride as this game is not at all disappointing.

Halo 4 starts off where they ended in Halo 3. Master Chief wakes up after a long sleep only to find the ship he is on has been in a bit of shootout. While moving through the level he discovers that the enemy has boarded the ship.

While moving through the level you come across hordes of enemies, you jump from platform to platform shooting the hell out of enemies with a smile. The gameplay is good but the story line is sometimes a bit dull and leaves you only wondering what could have been.

Multiplayer for Halo 4 is just excellent as game play is at a much faster pace than it was in the previous Halo Reach and the action just never stops.

With a lot of weapon choices from machine guns to energy weapons you level up in kind of the same way as the call of duty series of games. With many types of game modes from infinity slayer, domination and a larger game scale of players on big maps.

Vehicles on the maps are quite difficult to steer as I’m not use to driving them. You get quad bikes, space bikes with guns some smaller spaceships and big Meg warrior like bots you can control on the maps to take out enemies.

You also have the ability to get weapon drops just like in modern warfare and black ops from the call of duty series. With special weapons and speed boosts that help you run circles around your enemies. You also get beautiful take down moves when attacking players from behind with the melee moves.

I’ve never been a big fan of the Halo series but Halo 4 has got me addicted for more game play in the multiplayer universe.  I just love this game and recommend it highly.

Available on: Xbox 360

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