Harrowing Video Shows Massive Avalanche Blanket Colorado Highway

Date:5 March 2019 Author: Brendon Petersen Tags:, ,

Colorado was hit with a deluge of snowstorms over the weekend, and motorists driving on the state’s I-70 highway on Sunday experienced the worst of the frosty onslaught when an avalanche barreled down a mountainside and engulfed their cars in snow.

Jacob Easton took video of the avalanche as it descended upon the highway, blanketing everything in its wake and abruptly stopping his journey just outside Copper Mountain.

The terrifying footage spread on social media over the weekend, showing a tidal wave of snow balloon over the road:

Despite the harrowing ordeal, nobody was hurt in the incident, according to local reports. Even with the inundation, the avalanche didn’t bring enough snow to trap any cars, the Colorado Department of Transit said.

Easton told reporters that there was a certain thrill in watching the incredible avalanche lurch toward the vehicle. “All of a sudden, me and my dad just saw a big white cloud to the left of us and we instantly noticed the avalanche,” he said. “It’s exciting, but pretty nerve wracking, because you don’t know when it’s going to stop.”

Dashcam footage from the other side of the highway presents a mirror image of the avalanche:

The threat of more avalanches persists into Monday, according to the Denver Post, with the state’s Avalanche Information Center advising people to stay away from stricken backcountry areas. The CDOT has also closed a number of mountain passes in the state’s southwest, in an effort to stop motorists from driving headlong into another powerful deluge.

Source: KFOR


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