Honor’s latest phone can scan your temperature

Date:3 June 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

A high temperature is one of the many ways to detect if someone has contracted the coronavirus. This led to an increase in the demand and subsequent shortage for non-contact thermal readers and scanners.

To remedy the issue, Honor is putting these devices directly into the hands of its customers in the form of the latest The Honor Play 4 and its infrared scanner capable of measuring someone’s body temperature.

The Honor Play 4, which was released yesterday, measures body temperatures by using an infrared scanner, the same type of technology used inside TV remote controls. Infrared thermography is not as accurate as conventional thermometers, but it is less invasive and safer to use at a distance.

According to Honor, the temperature measurement feature works on all objects, this includes animals and more importantly, people.

In a video showing off the feature, it appears as though all you need to do is hold the device up to a person’s forehead to read their temperature. You can also see the feature working on a kitten and ice-cream.

If this feature does indeed work as intended, we could see it being a handy tool for essential healthcare workers on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Take a look at the device in action below:

Image: Screen shot

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