• How to spot the International Space Station

    Date:27 January 2016 Tags:, ,

    We often see what the International Space Station (ISS) sees from space. The crew can observe weather patters, oceanographic changes and messages to space. But what happens when you want to find the Space Station?

    NASA writes the ISS is the third brightest object in the sky, and easy to spot. Using their sighting location tool you can find out where the ISS will be within a 80 kilometre radius.

    Choose your country and thereafter your city, and the tracker will give you the seven dates and locations. These indicate when next the International Space Station will be in the sky above you.

    Here is an example of the schedule for East London:

    Date Visible Max Height Appears Disappears
    Thu Feb 4, 5:09 AM 4 min 36° 10° above NNW 33° above ENE
    Fri Feb 5, 4:17 AM 4 min 17° 10° above N 13° above E
    Sat Feb 6, 5:00 AM 5 min 70° 10° above NW 30° above SE
    Sun Feb 7, 4:10 AM 2 min 48° 39° above N 30° above ESE
    Mon Feb 8, 3:20 AM 1 min 17° 17° above E 11° above E
    Mon Feb 8, 4:52 AM 5 min 26° 13° above W 11° above SSE
    Tue Feb 9, 4:02 AM 2 min 54° 53° above WSW 19° above SSE


    Source: NASA

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