• Incredible image shows rocket passing front of the Moon

    Date:9 October 2020 Author: Leila Stein

    NASA launched the NG-14 at the beginning of October and while the standard shots of the launch are beautiful, none match the incredible picture captured by photographer Steven Rice.

    Rice has been photographing space launches quite avidly and knew that capturing a rocket framed by the Moon was an image he needed to get eventually and NG-14 was that lucky shot.

    “I captured one of my dream shots during the NG-14 launch two nights ago. Moon & rocket (carrying a space toilet, no less),” said Rice in an Instagram post.

    “This occurred roughly 22 seconds after liftoff and was shot from a distance of 3.4 miles (5.5km). For reference, the Antares rocket is 139ft/42.5m long and 13ft/3.9m wide.”

    The image is incredible with the framing assisted by the unusual waves made by the rocker blasters.

    Capturing this image was a combination of luck and skill as Rice had to identify exactly where he should be positioned to hopefully get the image he was looking for. With his timing and position in place, he took his shots and hoped for the best.

    Luckily, the results are spectacular.


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    Picture: Instagram/Steven Rice

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