Inside scoop: Limbo successor revealed

Date:13 June 2014 Author: Rogan Louwrens Tags:, , , ,


Let me level with you: if you haven’t played Limbo yet we just can’t be friends. Go and buy it right now and then put yourself through a solid week of Aliens: Colonial Marines as penance.

For those of you who did play Limbo, well here’s a thing. If you haven’t seen it already (for shame!), Copenhagen-based indie studio Playdead has put up a trailer for their new game. Originally codenamed Project 2, their new, well, project’s proper title is Inside. And thank the jiminy dickens: it’s another bleak-as-the-blazes sidescroller.

It’s obvs set in some sort of awful facility type thing, and presumably involves escaping said awful facility type thing. By the look of it, the gameplay will expand on the sort of good-natured rough-and-tumblery of Limbo, which is to say that your character will die in horrific ways over and over and over and over. There will also likely be the sort of puzzle-solving that will send you straight to the psych ward for “anger management” issues.

And its muted 2.5D aesthetic looks just gorgeous, if you’re into institutional hellscapes and ominous midnight cornfields. Which of course you are.

Inside is slated for a 2015 release (on the Xbox One, to begin with).


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