Interview: CoD masters Opulence Deus

  • Team Opulence (left) and Adept (right) battle it out in the finals of the MWEB GameZone Master Series CApe Town.
  • Team Opulence, the winners of the MWEB GameZone Master Series Call of Duty Ghosts LAN
Date:17 April 2014 Author: Rogan Louwrens Tags:, , , ,

Think you’re good at Call of Duty (CoD)? You won’t after a round with up-and-coming SA team Opulence Deus, who dominated in the latest competition on the local circuit.

The recent iteration of the LAN-based MWEB GameZone Master Series saw 19 well-honed teams converge on the MWEB headquarters in Cape Town to test their might in CoD: Ghosts. The clash saw the dominion of past favourites Team Adept upended by a well-honed onslaught by Opulence Deus.

We caught up with team coach and player Clayton Bax (aka Opulence Prim3) after the competition. Here’s what he had to say:

PM Zone: First off, tell us who’s behind Opulence Deus.

Clayton Bax: Opulence Nexus – Trent, age 19/20; Opulence Rocky – Josh, age 19/20; Opulence Frost – Kyle, age 13/14; Opulence Quik – Steph, age 18; Opulence Xat3 – Brendan, age 17/18; Opulence Prim3 – Clayton, age 28.


PMZ: How stiff did you find the competition?

CB: All our games had their own challenges. We played Tsunami in the semis, and although the score was 3–0, I don’t believe that was a true reflection of how strong they are as competitors. And then of course came the rivals on the ultimate platform in the mother of all showdowns: Team Opulence vs Team Adept. The shallow win margins show how tight that was. Adept are one remarkable side, and a team we have aspired to for so long, so the competition – especially at that stage – was enormous. Had we not been so mentally ready, we may have crumbled under the pressure.


PMZ: What sort of strategies did you employ to succeed?

CB: I come from a background in various pastimes, disciplines and careers that rely heavily on mind power, discipline and motivation. I employed part of what I have learned over the years to keep their minds sharp: team-building exercises, mind-strengthening techniques, motivational videos, music, quotes and the like. I did a lot more with the guys, but I believe that once you truly believe, you cannot lose. The only thing left to do is arrive. It’s not about being cocky – it’s simply mind control. Mind is everything.


PMZ: Were there any particularly defining or satisfying moments you’d like to share?

CB: There were a few – such as the moment everyone told us that we were nothing, a flash-in-the-pan team who would not handle big tournament pressure from top teams. We then won the MWEB GameZone Let’s Go! Tournament, and proved we could handle the pressure. Then we were told our skill was all connection-based, and that we’d get destroyed in a LAN. As you now know, that was not the case at all. That was very satisfying. We feel vindicated.


PMZ: Where to from here?

CB: CoD Champs 2015. We want to lay the foundation now for SA gaming, to get us recognised so that we may in the future be able to practise against top US and EU teams more regularly. We truly believe we can compete at that level, and give them a real go. Obviously we need to win the qualifiers next year first, so that is our intermediate goal. Our short-term goal is to win the MWEB Masters series – and to remain unbeaten.

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