iOS 13.4 could use your phone as a car key

Date:7 February 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell Tags:, ,

The number of tasks a smartphone allows you to do has grown exponentially over the last decade, from taking high-quality pictures, to surfing the net from pretty much anywhere in the world. Now, thanks to the beta release of iOS 13.4, we might soon be able to add car key to that ever-growing list of tasks.

According to 9to5mac iOS 13.4 contains a reference to something called “CarKey” Application Programming Interface (API) which points to the possibility of using both an iPhone or Apple Watch to lock, unlock and start a car as long as the vehicle is NFC compatible.

The reference also hints at the possibility of using this feature without the need for face ID, meaning you could use your phone to unlock your car when it’s dead or close to dying. Possibly the biggest news to come out of this is the fact that iOS 13.4 will let you share a ‘key’ with others. While this may sound like a dangerous feature to include, it means that if you’re away on a business trip, for example, you could send your significant other a ‘virtual key’ which would allow them to use your car.

This isn’t Apple’s first venture into the automotive world. In 2019 Apple filed a patent that would see the company make use of Ultra-Wideband Technology as an alternative way to use an iPhone as a car key.

Image: Twitter/ @9to5mac

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