iPhone’s SOS feature saves a woman from potential assault

Date:2 January 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell Tags:, ,

Back in 2016 Apple launched iOS 10.2, and with it came the emergency SOS feature. Four years later that very same feature has been used to save a woman from a potential sexual assault.

A woman from Virginia Beach, who wishes to remain anonymous, says that at around 2am on Sunday morning a man, who police have identified as 20-year-old Najee Chinyelu Bullock, approached her while she was looking for her Uber. He claimed to have lost his phone, and asked her if he could use the “find my phone” feature on her iPhone to locate his ‘lost phone’.

“I was like, ‘Where are your friends? Why are you alone?’. “He was like, ‘I’m in the military. I’m not from here,’ and my brother is in the military—I felt bad for him. She told local newspaper WTKR. “I wasn’t suspecting he was bad. He was a very normal, nice looking guy.”

The woman began to grow suspicious of the stranger when he seemingly didn’t know how to navigate her phone, which is odd seeing as all iPhone’s use the same operating system.

“I get my phone back and I turn around and I try to run away and he just comes up from behind me, tackles me, grabs my face, is covering my mouth.” She then went on to say “I’m trying to scream for help, he tackles me to the ground – is like shoving my face to the ground  and now, because I’ve been screaming, he’s holding my mouth even tighter trying to muffle any noise I’m making.”

It was during this moment that the woman managed to use her iPhone’s Emergency SOS feature which automatically dialled 911 and sent emergency services sent to her location.

“He looked up and the headlights from police were shining from the sand, and he just took off and ran down the beach and the police ran after him and they were able to get him in a foot pursuit.” She told WTKR.

Bullock is currently being held without bond and has been charged with ‘abduction with the intent to defile’.

To use Emergency SOS, hold down the side and volume button on your iPhone for a few seconds. This starts a three-second countdown, during which you have the option to cancel the call. If you do not, the iPhone will automatically dial emergency services and send them your location. You can also assign emergency contacts. The people you have selected as emergency contact will receive an alert when you trigger the Emergency SOS feature.

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