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    The 27th February has been declared Pokémon day by the popular franchise. 

    On the same day in 1996, Pokémon Red and Green launched in Japan sparking a worldwide phenomenon that has reached across different generations. 

    A big part of the continued love for these adorable and amazing characters is innovation. Here is a timeline of the history of catching them all:

    Pokémon is born 

    Pokémon was born as a video game designed for the Nintendo Game Boy. 

    From a Game Boy to the TV screen

    From the handheld video games came the anime television series in 1997. Following Ash Ketchum (or as he is known in Japan, Satoshi), his friends and his Pokémon travel around the world introduced the anime style to the western world, popularising the form in countries outside of Japan.

    Trading cards bring Pokémon from screens to the real life 

    The introduction of trading cards took the game from screens and made it possible to catch ’em all in reality.

    The game’s popularity persists, selling over 28.8 billion cards worldwide. As with many trading card games, older cards have become collectors items which hold significant value. According to The Gamer list, the “Trophy Pikachu Trainer No. 1” is marked as priceless. The second is “Pikachu Illustrator,” valued at $90,000.

    Pokémon Live!– The Musical

    In 2000, Pokémon Live toured the US, taking what started off as a computer game to new arenas.

    People go outside with Pokémon Go

    Pokémon really got a second life with the introduction of the Pokémon Go app in 2016. Using augmented reality, the game got people outside, looking out for Pokémon and taking part in challenges and raids. 

    Every time it appears Pokémon’s time is done, it comes back with even more innovative ways to keep their brand alive. 

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