Kitten Academy live stream is oddly soothing

Date:16 August 2016 Author: Nikky Knijf Tags:, , ,

We’ll probably never get tired of animals on live stream, especially when they’re kittens! On Angel’s Wings Pet Rescue from Illinois in the USA is currently live streaming kittens in their foster program called the Kitten Academy.

The Kitten Academy works alongside pro-life animal shelters and animal control centres in the Illinois area. The academy then fosters mother cats and their kittens until they’re ready to be adopted.

Currently there are three groups of kittens roaming the Kitten Academy on live stream. The first group are the “old” kittens. Three of these kittens are from the same litter and are about 12 weeks old, while the ginger without a collar is an older kitten from another litter. The other three are tabbies with blue, green and purple collars. The second group or “new” kittens are in the same area as the “old” kittens. These kittens are all from the same litter and it is estimated they are about eight weeks old.

The “Annex Kittens” in the top right of the video frame are 11 days old are were born while at the Kitten Academy. They reside in the annex with momcat Ivy.

So if you’re keen on streaming balls of fluff while you’re working or doing dishes, you can check out the stream above or by clicking here. If you find there’s not much happening on the stream or that the lights are off, just rewind a little.

Below is a list of the names of all the kittens.

Annex Kittens
Momcat: Ivy
Light Gray: Cornell (Female)
Dark Stripes: Harvard (Male)
Gray with tan face markings: Yale (Female)

“New” Kittens
Orange + blue collar: Nutmeg (Male)
Tortie + black collar: Tamarind (Female)
Tortie + orange collar: Fennel (Female)
Black + blue collar: Poppy (Female)
Black + green collar: Clove (Female)

“Old” Kittens
Orange + No Collar: Toffee (Male)
Tabby + Blue Collar: Cobbler (Male)
Tabby + Purple Collar: Custard (Male)
Tabby + Green Collar: Shortcake (Female)

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