Life hacks to try now that you’re at home

Date:30 March 2020 Author: Leila Stein

Now that we’re all stuck at home for the next while, it’s time to upgrade you life and make things just a little bit easier. Here are some life hacks to make staying at home a little bit easier.

1. Stack your computer

This is a big one if you’re working from home. You may not have your ergonomically designed desk and chair which ensure you sit up straight and don’t strain your eyes.
If you’re working from home and find your back to be suffering, rather place a few books under your laptop or screen to bring avoid lowering your neck and rounding your shoulders while looking down. Try using those thick coffee table books you’ve never actually looked before.
This will make sure you stay upright and relieve the tension you holding all hunched up.

2. Disinfect the kid’s Lego

Your kids are spending all their time indoors and between the sticky treats to keep them happy and their toys, you’re not sure where to being to clean.
Lego, while a great learning play tool, is very susceptible to collecting dirt. Try dish washing the pieces in a laundry bag.
Place the Lego pieces in the bag, run your dishwasher as usual but remove before the drying cycle to let them air out.
You can also use this method with other smaller household items like dish brushes and sponges.

3. Get wrinkles out of laundry without an iron

You might have all the time in the world, but ironing still doesn’t make it to the top of the list. Keep the wrinkles in your clothes to a minimum with these tricks.
If you’re washing and air-drying your clothes, thoroughly shake them out before placing on the line and strategically place each item to avoid the harsh wrinkle lines from the line itself.
If you’re using a dryer, throw in a few ice cubes or a wet cloth with your clothes. The steam from the cloth or cubes with help remove the wrinkles. Try with lighter fabrics for best results.

4. Drip-water irrigation

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden and are now looking at it from your desk, realising it’s looking a bit sad then this hack is for you. South Africa continues to struggle with droughts and water shortages, so keep your garden looking fresh with this DIY drip irrigation system.
Drill 1/8 holes every 5cm and screw a cap at the end of the hose. Place it down through your plants and turn on. Figure out the right setting by monitoring how much you need to open the tap .

5. Coat Hanger cookbook stand

Since we have all this time, many people have taken to cooking to feed their souls and their stomachs. If you’re struggling with cookbooks that won’t stay open, try use a coat hanger with clips. These, usually used in shops for pants, make it much easier to hang up a cook book on the specific page you need.

6. Picture frame Message board

Having everyone at home at once can make living arrangements a lot more stressful. If you didn’t think of buying a white board for chores before the lockdown, make a simple message board using a picture frame. Place a nice background in the frame and use the glass to write and erase messages.

7. Instant smartphone speakers

If you’re doing household chores or working and would like a bit more volume but don’t have the equipment, try placing your phone, speaker down, in a bowl or glass. The shape amplifies the sound, giving you instant speakers.

8. Clean your takkies

If there was a better time to clean those shoes you’ve been meaning to, it would be now. Take an old toothbrush and a little toothpaste and get to scrubbing! White toothpaste works for whites-soled takkies, to avoid getting any stains from coloured toothpaste.

Scrub away at the dirty spots for ten minutes and then wipe off with a damp cloth. If this hasn’t done the trick, then give it another go.

9. Keep your fluids up

Keeping hydrated is key to keeping healthy. Ensure you’re getting enough water by marking a bottle with the times of day.

If you make a point to drink 100ml every hour, then by the end of the day you’ll have managed at least a litre. You can up your intake as you please, this will just keep you on track.

Image: Pexels

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