Long green light through the sky leaves residents considering alien invasion

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Sightings of a long green light whizzing through the sky on Wednesday morning has left city residents pondering the possibility of an alien invasion, City Press reports.

However, one resident, Angelique Franz, quipped on Facebook: “As long as [the aliens] can do something about the fuel price, I’m all for it.”

Pietermaritzburg residents took to Facebook on Wednesday morning corroborating their reports of a “green asteroid-looking” object flying through the sky in areas around the city at around 8 am on Wednesday. Reports of the green light were also recorded as far as Durban and Johannesburg.

Maryna Buys was sitting in her car at the Victoria Centre when she saw the strange phenomenon in the direction of Clarendon and the Voortrekker school grounds.

“It was a really strange sighting. I saw this object with lights that were flashing. I told my sister about it and she thought I was crazy. I don’t really believe in aliens or UFOs, but who knows if it is true,” said Buys.

Another resident in the city, Kate Da Cunha Rosario, took to the Voices of Pietermaritzburg Facebook group asking the community if anyone else had seen “a bright green asteroid-looking thing flying through the sky at 8:05 am in the Scottsville area”.

Rehana Bhayla described the sighting as “scary, but beautiful”.

Olivia Gilbert confirmed seeing it from Mooi River, and Matthew Glass saw a “massive green flash” above the Pavillion in Durban.

The green light sparked a humorous Facebook thread, with residents playing into the drama of an alien invasion, and coming up with creative explanations. “They have arrived,” wrote Elna Botha.

Meanwhile, Gareth Gopaul suggested it was “the municipality trying to sort out substations”.

“Be logical about it. Obviously it’s not an asteroid. It’s the green lantern,” quipped Stanton Govender.

The first sightings of unidentified flying objects in South Africa date back to the 1960s.

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