Look! A new species of fynbos may be emerging … the ‘Strelitzia Legiodes’

Date:24 November 2021 Tags:, , , ,

There’s nothing like taking a stroll through nature and stumbling upon something so exotic that it leaves you mesmerised. Well, that may just be the case when exploring the countless indigenous fauna and flora of Phillipskop Mountain Reserve in beautiful Stanford. You may even have the opportunity to come across the very rare Strelitzia Legiodes. 

While it may just be a fynbos replica composed of LEGO, it’s still pretty cool to look at and blends seamlessly with the rugged landscape it’s nestled in. According to the Mountain Reserve, the LEGO company has produced a botanical series of lego models and the Strelitzia is the floral diamond amongst the bunch. Their Facebook post indicates that this particular model was a gift thanks to a winning entry in the Tips & Bricks nature competition. Along with fauna and flora completely composed of LEGO, there’s also a pretty cool hummingbird that needs to be added to the collection. Check it out here.

Take a peek at this floral masterpiece:

Picture: Phillipskop Mountain Reserve

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