Look! Capetonian kitesurfer journeys across False Bay

Date:19 February 2022 Author: Byron Lukas Tags:, ,

A Capetonian kitesurfer has successfully completed an unsupported kite crossing of False Bay to Cape Point, rounding Cape Point and finishing at Witsands beach, Scarborough on Thursday, 17 February.

According to Brett Mason, it was the most nerve-wracking portion of the trips, being in the deep ocean, but the wind was fantastic.

“I am so happy with the trip, what an experience. The swell got big at 3 metres, but I kept my eye on Cape Point and rounded the point fairly easily.

“The wind was really terrible after that and I thought I may need to stop, but it picked up again around Olifantsbos. After three hours in the water, I’m a bit fatigued but so glad it’s done,” Mason said.

Mason, who covered a distance of 70kms in a time of three hours, has for the past 13 years, dedicated himself to multiple kite disciplines (freestyle, wave riding and big air). As a big air rider, he has already achieved a ranking on the Woo World leader board of no 38 in the world.

Speaking after his achievement, Mason reminisced on the early days of his kitesurfing, where he would just pump his kite and hit the waters.

“I clearly remember standing at Glencairn beach one day when the northwesterly was blowing and thought to myself ‘I could just pump my kite and go directly across the bay’,” Mason said.

Meanwhile, Mason’s crossing has never been attempted without support as his journey started in the Betty’s Bay area, and he directly travelled from Hangklip across to Cape Point, round the point and down towards Scarborough, ending at Witsands

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