Man builds incredible shack in Joe Slovo township

Date:29 November 2019 Author: Leila Stein Tags:, , ,

While most of us might think of the shacks found all across South Africa as poor, barely protective buildings that have become a staple as a result of extreme inequality, this man in Joe Slovo township just outside of Cape Town has built himself his own private modern apartment inside his shack.

Joshua Rubin, who was looking for a builder to help another man improve his living conditions, stumbled upon Fernando Kabela. Fernando, who is originally from Mozambique, lives in Joe Slovo, a township outside Cape Town.

“I started doing interviews a few months ago and that’s when I met Christopher! He was born much smaller than most people and has had a very hard life because of it,” said Rubin.

He started raining funds to build Christopher a new shack and that is when he met Fernando, who invited him back to his home to see his handywork. “We went back to his shack on the second floor of a container and when I saw it I was blown away! It has running water, electricity and the architecture is amazing!”

From the outside, this second story shack looks exactly like you would expect a shack to look, corrugated iron walls, with a door and a small window.

But when you step inside, it’s like being transported into an opulent rapper’s micro-apartment. The best part? Fernando built it all himself.

“This is my place, this is my palace, this is my heaven,” he says in the video. “I built it by myself, no one built this place but me.”

Fernando explains that he designed and built the interior from ideas he had in his head, without any prior building experience.

I bet you've never seen a shack like this before!!!

A man thats living in Joe Slovo township builds incredible shack!

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