Mathematics-inspired Infinity puzzle goes on forever

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Using mathematical concepts like tessellation and Klein bottles, this infinity puzzle has no sides or corners and can be rearranged in thousands of ways.

By Avery Thompson

Jigsaw puzzles are a fun way to pass the time, but they’ve remained relatively unchanged for decades. But Nervous System Studio has come up with something new by designing a brand new type of jigsaw puzzle.

The Infinity Puzzle, as it’s called, uses concepts like tessellation and Klein bottles to create a puzzle with no sides or corners. You can take a piece on the left edge of the puzzle, flip it around, and attach it to the right edge. Take a look:

The Infinity Puzzle can be put together in thousands of different ways, and each one creates a unique picture. Two Infinity Puzzles can even be combined to create a larger version.

The geometric principle of the Infinity Puzzle is the same as a Klein bottle. A Klein bottle is like a three-dimensional Mobius strip, in that it only has one side. Nervous System Studio created their designs on a Klein bottle surface and then turned that surface into a two-dimensional puzzle.

(And in case you were wondering: a tessellation is using geometric shapes to cover an area without overlaps and gaps.)

You can pick up one of the Infinity Puzzles from Nervous System Studio’s store for only $50 (about R700). Or get the special Infinite Galaxy Puzzle, which has a photo of the galactic center taken by Hubble, for $100 (about R1400).

Source and image credit: Nervous System Studio


This article was originally written for and published by Popular Mechanics USA.

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