Mielie Mailers are saving the planet one package at a time

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Imagine living in a world where ordering a package online doesn’t involve having to deal with an obscene amount of plastics that can only be used once. Well, thanks to a South African company based in Cape Town, that is already a reality.

Mielie Mailers is a lifestyle based company that seeks to improve the health of our planet one package at a time. Mielie Mailers use mielies (corn) and cutting edge technology to create a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging.


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POOF and they’re GONE 💨💨 . Mielies Mailers are magic. In the wizarding world, they’re as revered as Dumbledore. 🧙‍♂️ . While they don’t respond well to traditional magical phrases like ‘Evanesco’ (that’s the vanishing spell for those who aren’t Harry Potter nerds) – our mailers, given the right environment specialize in acts of disappearance. Literally, “Poof” and they’re gone, not a trace left behind. . The concept is simple – once you receive a Mielie Mailer with your delivery, unpack your precious cargo, remove any labelling stickers or waybill and bury it in your garden, compost heap or pot-plant. It’s literally that simple. . 6-months later, all that’s left is CO2, H2O and organic matter – fuel for your plants! 🌱 . Magic… yes. 🔮 Witchcraft… maybe. 🧙‍♀️ . #mieliesinthewild #planetorplastic #climatechange #livingplanet #mieliemailer #compostableplastic #bioplastic #plasticfree #zerowaste #plasticpollution #singleuseplastic #noplastic #savetheworld #earth #sustainability #gogreen #eco

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In order to create these eco-friendly packages, Mielie Mailers use spoiled corn, PLA (Polylactic acid) and PBAT (Polybutylene Adipate Terephthalate) along with sourcing plant materials from sustainable growth areas where no forests or natural habitat have been cleared. Because Mielie Mailers only source corn that is not fit for human consumption, the production of their bags are not taking food away from those who might need it more.

The mailers are both reusable and compostable. Once you’ve got enough use out of the bag you can compost them, but what does that mean exactly? Once the bags are composted, they disappear within as little as 3 months turning into carbon dioxide and water. In addition, the compost derived from Mielie Mailers is food safe, meaning it can be used to grow food fit for human consumption.

Why use Milelie Mailers?

-Mielie Mailers are both water and tear-proof.

-They’re lightweight and flexible, meaning more packages can fit in delivery trucks or planes.

-They’re made from fast-growing, sustainable materials.

-And most importantly, they’re better for the planet!

Mielie Mailers bags are manufactured in China by a facility that aims to mitigate waste, uses cutting edge technology to ensure consistency and quality, and most importantly, treats their workers fairly and equally.

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