The Milky Way through a pilot’s eyes

Date:3 May 2017 Author: Nikky Knijf Tags:, , , ,

Ever wished you could see the Milky Way or the stars hidden behind the glare of city lights? Well, you might have to consider becoming a pilot!

This video, recorded during an evening flight from Europe to South America, shares a pilot’s breathtaking view of the Milky Way. It’s interesting to see how the yellow glow of city lights light up the bottom of the screen from time-to-time. In these instances the pilot notes the city, so you’ll easily be able to see where he is flying.

The route is best described in the pilot’s blog and follows the following path: “Just before reaching Geneva and the western tip of Switzerland, we (make) a shallow left turn to join the Rhone valley leading us to Marseilles and onward onto the Mediterranean Sea. Our routing will bring us towards Algeria and across the northwestern part of the vast Sahara. We will be flying past Dakar in Senegal where we will be heading out (over) the Atlantic Ocean. Our southwesterly course across the wide blue – in fact it was pitch-black during the night – to the north eastern shore of Brazil. Landfall is expected just north of Rio de Janeiro and the remaining few hundred miles will get us straight towards São Paulo.”

Watch the video below  for a quick time-lapse of the flight. For more intercontinental journeys, check out the pilot’s blog, here.

Video credit: SkyProduction

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