NASA is offering virtual passports to those who watch its next live event

Date:26 November 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling you get when you open your passport and see stamps from all the different countries you’ve visited over the years. Now, you have the chance to add another unique stamp to your collection.

NASA has started a fun initiative in which it is offering those who watch the next virtual launch of a supply run to the ISS a stamp for a launch passport. SpaceX is scheduled to deliver much-needed supplies to the ISS on 5 December 2020, assuming everything goes to plan.

While many won’t be able to able to watch the live launch, either due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, or simply because they live in another country, you can still catch a virtual launch of the event from the comfort of your home. By watching the virtual event you’ll be able to enjoy the launch itself, along with a behind-the-scenes look at how NASA prepares for such a significant launch. You will also receive your very own unique virtual passport stamp.

In order to partake in the virtual launch, you can either RSVP for the event on Facebook by clicking here. Alternatively, you can register for the event via email by clicking here. Registration is a key part in receiving your stamp for your own ‘virtual launch passport,’ The virtual passport book can be downloaded in its PDF form by clicking here, which NASA encourages you to print out and fold up into a booklet.

Once the cargo resupply launch is completed, participants will receive their passport stamp via email, which they can then add to their printed out passport book. The virtual passport stamps and book are a fun way to help avid space fans keep track of the many launches they watch.

The launch will be broadcast on NASA’s website and through NASA TV  and will take place on 5 December 2020.


Picture: NASA

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