Here’s what NASA’s new Mars Rover could look like

Date:10 June 2017 Author: Jorika Moore Tags:, , ,

As scientists are talking about extending our species reach past the moon and on to Mars continues, NASA has taken the initiative of getting us there. The agency showcased their latest Mars Rover concept that will hopefully one day dominate the Red Planet.

The unveiling took place in Florida at the Kennedy Space Center and will be on display for the next month or so. We’re still at least a decade away from occupying Mars (although some might disagree), but the rover concept vehicle looks read to hit the dirt road tomorrow.

The six wheels are built for off-roading in the Martian desert. The rover doesn’t just look huge, it is huge – measuring 8,5 metres long, 4,2 metres wide and 3,3 metres tall. Driving this rover is an electric motor powered by solar panels and a 700-volt battery.

It’s the aggressive alien-bat mobile hybrid design that’s the most notable characteristic of the vehicle. It’s flashy and looks more like a movie prop, well that could be because the vehicle was designed by the silver screen Parker Brothers. Yes, these are the same guys that gave you those really cool futuristic motorbikes in the movie Tron.

NASA’s rover is meant for more than just an excursion vehicle to transport astronauts across Mars. It could also be used as a mobile laboratory presumably in the search to learn more about the Red Planet’s mysterious ways.

As one would expect, the rover is fitted out with life support, navigation provided by the Global Positioning System and communications systems, because who wants to get lost trekking across Mars.

The concept took only five months to built (if only the Mars missions were that easy to put together) and was completely funded by the Parkers. It wasn’t confirmed if this exact rover will be operating on Mars, but so far its the only contender.

The built of the Mars Rover isn’t completely unrealistic as far as space travel transportation goes and for the purpose of promotion and getting people amped about trips to Mars it’s doing it’s job and keeping the conversation alive.


Video Credit: Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

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