• Never forget your face covering with Hide-a-Mask

    Date:31 July 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

    There’s nothing worse than waking up late, rushing to get ready for work and beating the early morning traffic, only to realize you’ve forgotten your one and only face mask at home.

    To ensure this never happens again, a man by the name of Timothy Hickman started a kickstarter called ‘Hide-a-Mask’ which allows you to incorporate a face mask into any baseball hat.

    It works by attaching a face mask to hidden magnets on the brim of the hat with adjustable straps, so when the mask is not being used, it fits comfortably into the brim, and when you need to wear the mask, simply pull it down.

    Seeing as the Hide-a-Mask removes the ear pressure from annoying elastic bands, as well as preventing fabric from constantly laying flat on the wearers face, Hickman hopes Hide-a-Mask will encourage people to be more comfortable with wearing a mask when out in public.

    While Hide-a-Mask does cover your cheeks, nose, and chin like a regular mask does, it features a pocket designed to allow more free-flowing breathing. Hide-a-Mask can also be easily unclipped from the hat it is attached to so it can be regularly washed, according to Mashable.

    Hickman’s campaign has already reached its monetary goal of $12,000, but you can stillĀ back the project and secure your Hide-a-Mask, which is scheduled to ship in September 2020.

    To back the campaign simply click here.

    Take a look at the Hide-a-Mask in action below;

    Image;Screenshot/ Hide-a-Mask kickstarterĀ 

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