• New emoji’s include updated skin tones for couples and more

    Date:21 September 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

    An updated list of Emojis has been released by The Unicode Consortium and will include a variety of new skin tones for couples along with several new images.

    The new batch of emojis have been listed in the ‘Emoji Recently Added v13.1‘ on the Unicode website and will be made public in 2021.

    Along with updated skin tones and new images, the Emoji v13.1 update will also include over 200 new emoji sequences, according to the Unicode Consortium. The seven new emoji images, which will arguably be used most out of all the updated features will include a heart on fire, a mending heart, a person with a beard, a woman with a beard, a face exhaling, a face in clouds, and a face with spiral eyes. You can see the new emojis below.

    Credit: Unicode

    While the image above depicts what the new emojis will look like for for most users, their final design will vary based on which platform they are being used on. iOS users for example may see and altered version of the emojis when compared to Microsoft or Android users.

    As mentioned above, the Emoji v13.1 update will also feature updates to the skin tone of existing emojis You can see an example of those changes below.

    Credit: Unicode

    Image: Unicode Consortium


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