• Nike goes green with its latest sneaker

    Date:6 February 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell Tags:,

    In 2019 Nike announced they will be implementing a new ‘Move to Zero’ initiative that would see the company move to 100% renewable energy by 2025 and operate on net-zero carbon emission. Now, we have the first evidence of this initiative with the ‘Space Hippie’, a range of sneakers ‘made using scrap material that builds up at factories, putting those waste products to better use’ according to Nike.

    “Space Hippie product presents itself as an artifact from the future. It’s avant-garde; it’s rebelliously optimistic,” said John Hoke, Nike Chief Design Officer.

    The Space Hippie range of sneakers were developed with sustainability in mind. Scraps were reused, production byproducts no longer went to waste, and even the packaging came together to further decrease their carbon print. As a result of this, the Space Hippie received the lowest carbon footprint score of any footwear produced by Nike.

    In terms of materials used to make the sneakers, the four sections of each shoe were made using Flyknit yarn, a type of fibre made from plastic bottles. As for the souls, they were made using factory scraps from the production of the’ Vaporfly 4%’ and foam in a way that uses about half the CO2 as typical Nike foams.

    “I’d say Space Hippie attacks the villain of trash. It’s changed the way we look at materials, it’s changed the way that we look at the aesthetics of our product. It’s changed how we approach putting the product together,” said John Hoke, Nike Chief Design Officer.

    Image: Twitter/@ComplexSneakers

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