Nikon announced the winners of small world in motion competition

Date:16 September 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Nikon announced the winners of its annual ‘Nikon Small World in Motion Photomicrography Competition‘ on Tuesday, 15 September. The winner of this years competition was Kazi Rabbi and Dr. Xiao Yan and their mesmerizing video of micro-droplets which consisted of 80% water and 20% ethanol. Other entries into the competition included tiny plankton, odd shapes forming on soap, and even some Fluorescent actin. 

Here are the top five winners from the competition.

1- ‘Internal flow dynamics of coalescing micro-droplets’ taken by Kazi Rabbi and Dr. Xiao Yan


2- ‘Planktonic larva of a marine horseshoe worm’ taken by Dr. Richard Ralph Kirby


3- ‘Cytoplasmic streaming in onion cells’ taken by Name Withheld


4- ‘A blackworm (Lumbriculus variegatus) displaying peristaltic movements’ taken by Martin Kristiansen


5-Fluorescent actin expressed in an embryonic rat hippocampal neuron’ taken by Dr. Andrew MooreDr. Pedro Pedro Guedes-Dias


Image credit: Twitter/@IFLScience






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