• Personalisation: Profiles (now with your favourite characters!)

    Date:4 March 2019 Author: Brendon Petersen Tags:

    Remember those weekends, standing in your local video store, staring aimlessly at an array of movies and series for the longest time, having to decide what to watch next. Not knowing what to choose, and all you had to work with was a brief description on the back of the cover, no trailer, just nothing!

    Imagine a world where your local DVD store recognised your love for superhero’s, and had a shelf dedicated to all the greatest superhero movies of all time, ready and waiting for you. Back in the day, didn’t you wish you could approach the counter and they’d put dozens of possible movies in front of you – all of which had been personally selected based on your viewing history and preferences? Wouldn’t that be grand? Yes, yes it would.

    Thanks to the tech-smarts of streaming services, that “imagined” world is now a reality. Have you noticed that Netflix notes what you watch? No, they aren’t turning all Joe Goldberg on you, they just want to give you the best suggestions of what to watch next – tailored to your preferences. What you watch, how you rate titles, genres that you watch more regularly than others, the cast that stars in your favourite shows, and how they then compare to your selected favourites all play a role in what is recommended. Your age, race or income bracket does NOT determine the way the recommendation service treats you. So if you, as a man love Gossip Girl or you as a lady love The Punisher, we ain’t judging.

    Make Netflix your own by personalising your profile with a uniquely selected icon, that best describes you and your binging habits. In July 2018, Netflix launched their biggest update to the personalised experience with new profile icons, which now allows users to update their icons with their favourite characters from Netflix shows and movies. This feature now makes it easier to suggest the best TV shows and movies you will probably want to binge.

    If recommending titles is your thing, you can now share your favourites on social media, with the new ‘Sharing To Instagram Stories’ feature. No more screenshots, no more long explanations about a show or movie. It’s now simple. Share away.

    With thousands of hours of content on Netflix, and the South African platform having grown by over 500% since launch, choosing the next show or movie to watch can be both exciting and daunting. It’s hardly surprising, that the overwhelming majority of the shows people watch on Netflix are as a result of the platform’s personalised recommendation system.