Plant feud: Lili leaps to the desktop

Date:22 May 2014 Author: Rogan Louwrens Tags:, , , ,


Well, just, awww. Have you seen the trailer for Lili: Child of Geos? Because I have, and the first phrase that springs to mind is “cute as the DICKENS”.

Admit it – it was the first phrase to spring to your mind too. Admit it.

I mean, look at those dapper wooden robot-type fellows. Let me set aside for a moment the totally uncool desire to take the Half Life crowbar to them (because look at them: they absolutely must be hiding ammo).

Lili might ring an iPhone bell, which would be convenient, because it’s not entirely clear from the game’s Steam write-up or trailers just what exactly is going on aside from conversations involving the use of quirkiness. But if it doesn’t ring a bell, let me put your fears to rest: the bulk of Lili involves the acquisition of flowers, mainly via the tried and tested way of jumping on a monster’s back and just plucking the blazes out of them until it submits. Just like real life, then.

On the mobile version, flower-snatching involves deft flickery of the old finger. Honestly, I’m a bit sceptical of how well this mechanic translates to something that doesn’t have a touch screen – clicking and dragging with a mouse is a fair quantity more choresome and less engaging than finger-swiping.

But here’s hoping, because it does look rather like my cup of Zelda tea. And besides, flowers tend to beat me up in real life, so it’d be nice to get some form of sweet revenge.

Now where’s that crowbar?

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