Prodigy is the board game you’ve always wanted

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Date:9 April 2014 Author: Rogan Louwrens Tags:, , , , ,

All right everybody. Time to make grabby hands.

Because have you seen the Kickstarter campaign for Prodigy? (And no, I don’t mean this, even though it’s the best.) Long story short: it’s an augmented-reality board game that fuses physical figurines and cards with a digital representation. And it looks badass.

Forgive me for breezing over the fantasy-schmantasy setting and getting straight to the bacon: at the core of Prodigy’s experience is a tactical RPG that’s a sort of streamlined take on chess, Magic: The Gathering and Warhammer. Sort of.

The game’s board uses near-field communication (NFC) tech to suck data from the figurines. We’ve seen this before with the likes of Skylanders and Disney Infinity, but Prodigy aims to take things a few steps further. Where you position your figurines on the board, for example, is pivotal to your strategy; and the board itself lights up when, say, you’re being targeted by your opponent. All told it sounds like a far more engaging, interactive way to use NFC rather than being an admittedly cool gimmick.

Anyway. Prodigy has systematically smashed through its US$100 000 funding goal with 23 days yet on the clock. If you want to get in on the game you’ll need to pledge $80 for a starter pack (or $70 if you make quick and get an early-bird special), plus $30 for shipping. As is to be expected, becoming a backer nets you some exclusive stuff.

So like I said: grabby hands. Check out the trailer:

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