PS5 scalper makes R600,000 in one week

Date:3 December 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Trying to get water from a stone is arguably easier than attempting to purchase the latest PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X and S this holiday season.

This is because official retailers have only received a small amount of the consoles, and completely sold out all their stock, or because scalpers have managed to buy them all on the release date.

While many may view scalping as immoral and dishonourable, there is no arguing that a lot of money can be made from the practice. In fact, according to reports from Business Insider, a man who goes by the name Mark F, managed to purchase 221 PS5 consoles, and then went on to sell them for R15,000 each.

For comparison, the retail price of the BlueRay version of the PS5 is currently selling for around R11,999, according to iOL.

So how much did Mark F manage to make in his first week of sales? Well according to Business Insider, he made R600,000 by selling off 40 consoles.

Mark F was able to work around Sony’s rule of limiting one console to one customer through the use of bots and online sales to overload the system. In another example of extreme scalping, a group of UK based scalper who call themselves  ‘CrepChiefNotify’, managed to nab as many as 3,500 units by using retail-scalping bots and inside information to give them an advantage over regular shoppers.


Picture: Twitter/@inFAMOUSKENDRIX

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