Ride into the sunset with Race the Sun

Date:11 March 2013


By Rogan Louwrens

If you like things that go really, really fast, you’d be hard pressed to find something that goes faster than Race the Sun, a speed-freak game that you can try out right now.

Set in a procedural landscape that recreates itself every day, Race the Sun has you hurtle toward the sunset in a suitably futuristic solar-powered craft, trying (and usually failing) to max out your score before the sun sets.

The trick is that, failing a non-fatal collision, your craft speeds up sort of indefinitely. As you’d expect, you develop some truly meteoric velocities, which makes dodging the obstacles that litter the abstract landscape pretty hard indeed.

The game, fresh out of a successful dance with the baying crowds of Kickstarter, will feature asynchronous multiplayer in which you’ll get to run a kind of relay with friends, handing over the baton when your craft kicks it. Players will also be able to make their own levels, which the game will share with others by injecting portals into normal play.

Enough waffle; if you like what you hear, try it over at Kongregate (you’ll need the Unity plugin, mind). If you like what you play, you can pre-purchase the game for US$10; this gets you immediate access to alpha builds, and lets you vote on which features you want the developers to implement.

If you want to see Race the Sun speed onto Steam, give the thumbs-up on its Greenlight page.

Here’s the teaser tailer:

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