Russian mining giant cause another toxic spill

Date:3 July 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Last month it was reported that a Russian mining company named Norilsk Nickel had spilled more than 21,000 tonnes of diesel into a river inside the Arctic Circle, turning the water an ominous shade of red. Now, it seems as though the very same company is at the centre of yet another toxic spill.

According to reports from Independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta, large metal pipes carrying wastewater from the reservoir were seen dumping a ‘foaming liquid’ nearby open woodlands.

In around 7 hours, 6,000 cubic metres of liquid rumored to contain elements such as heavy metals, surfactants, and sulfurous acid had been illegally dumped, according to The Guardian. In response to this environmental catastrophe, the company has suspended the employees responsible and opened an internal investigation. They had also come out and said in a statement that the dumping of the wastewater ”constituted a gross violation of the factory’s operational protocols,”

Norilsk Nickel has yet to address any specific environmental damage caused by the dumping of the wastewater, although on-the-ground reports from environmental activists are extremely concerning.

Novaya Gazeta published videos showing just how much wastewater was being released along with footage showing heavy machinery hastily trying to remove the pipes once enforcement agencies had been alerted to what was going on.

Norilsk Nickel employees trying to clean up the mess were in so much of a rush that they accidentally crashed into a parked vehicle that delivered officials to the scene.

Image credit; Elena Kostyuchenko / Novaya Gazeta


Image credit: Twitter/@siberian_times

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