SA Food innovator, Leah Bessa makes world’s 50 Next culinary minds to watch

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Food innovator Leah Bessa is pushing the boundaries of our palettes, and the world seems to agree. Bessa has been selected as one of the world’s 50 Next culinary minds to watch, with her dairy alternative being a clear winner.

So, what does Bessa consider the food of the future? Don’t shrink away, but insects are the way forward, says the foodie. Gourmet Grubb was started during Bessa’s university days at Stellenbosch, where she studied Food Science, during which she birthed her brilliant idea – Entomilk. This is the worlds first insect-derived “dairy” product, which is produced from the sustainably farmed black soldier fly, says 50 Next.

Consuming ice cream made from the milk of a black soldier fly is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea, providing a bit of a challenge when selling the dairy alternative idea to the public. However, there is a range of benefits to using insects as a food source, including no greenhouse gas emissions caused by agricultural farming.

“I’d like to find viable products for the entire insect production system to create a true circular economy,” states Bessa.

Capetonians have a chance to sample the future by visiting the Insect Experience, a pop-up restaurant where hungry patrons have the chance to try delicious, insect-based dishes straight from Bessa’s kitchen.

Visit her website for more information on this incredible foodie initiative.

Picture: Gourmet Grubb Facebook

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