Sentinel-2A heads into space on board the Vega VV05

Sentinel-2A head into space on board the Vega VV05
Credit: ESA–M. Pedoussaut, 2015
Date:30 June 2015 Tags:, , ,

Last week the European Space Agency (ESA) sent a satellite – the Sentinel-2A – with a high-resolution multispectral imager with 13 spectral bands to space. This is the first of a two-satellite mission, which aims to give the ESA an new perspective of the Earth’s land and vegetation with help from the high-resolution multispectral imager.

Above you can see the Vega VV05 rocket deploying from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. Watch the launch video below.

Source: ESA

Image credit: ESA–M. Pedoussaut, 2015


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