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Date:25 January 2019 Author: Brendon Petersen Tags:, ,

Watching your favourite series is always better when you have someone to talk to about it.

Netflix has launched a new sharing option so that you can share your favourite shows/movies via Instagram stories using the Netflix app. ‘Sharing to Instagram Stories’ is now a thing, and boy is it going to make your lives easier.

No more screenshots, no more long texts explaining how good a show or movie is or all the need to know tea before picking a new title to watch, it’s now simple. Select a title you wish to share and the custom artwork will load automatically to your story. This will stay visible for 24 hours as any normal story would, and will provide a “Watch on Netflix” link back to the app and title page for you to read all about it.

Don’t stress, none of your data will be shared to Instagram, only the title art and link. See we said simple! Now you can help your friends and followers discover something new to watch on Netflix, and the same goes for you.

Instagram sharing is only available for iPhone users. Sharing for Android and Snapchat will come later this year, so keep an eye out.

“We’re always on the lookout for ways to make it easier for members to share the Netflix titles they’re obsessing about and help them discover something new to watch. We hope our members enjoy this new feature!” – a Netflix spokesperson.


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