Sheltersuit, a portable home for the homeless

Date:20 February 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell Tags:,

Helping the homeless, no matter how small the deed might be, can make a huge difference. A Dutch designer created a custom Sheltersuit, aimed at helping those who find themselves without a place to live.

Sheltersuit Foundation was established in 2014 by Dutch designer Bas Timmer. The concept behind the Sheltersuit is to provide homeless people with a free, well-made, compact shelter that folds up into a backpack when its time to get up and move about.

Timmer is able to achieve this by collecting old and forgotten sleeping bags from places like festival grounds, and thanks to a variety of different companies donating him materials like sleeping bags and tent fabrics that normally would have been thrown away because of production mistakes, like a misplaced logo for example.

Once Timmer receives the materials, he employs Syrian refugees to sew the suits at the facility in the Netherlands. He also helps them integrate into the country by providing them with Dutch language lessons.

Due to the nature in which materials are collected for the Sheltersuits’, each one has a unique look to it, and ships in sizes ranging from XXXS to XXXL.

To date, the Foundation has donated a total of 10,000 jackets to the homeless community around Europe. Its ultimate goal is to distribute over 100,000 jackets worldwide by the end of this year.

Take a look at exactly how the Sheltersuit works in the video below.

Image: Twitter/ @Sheltersuit

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