Shrug off nuclear blasts in your personal R247-million bunker

  • A digital rendering of the bunker. Images credit: Estately
  • The bunker entrance. Images credit: Estately
Date:19 November 2015 Tags:, , ,

If you have R247 million to spare, fear that a nuclear apocalypse is looming and would like to invest in property in the USA, then this bunker might be just for you.

Located at 123 Private Drive, just outside the city of Tifton in Georgia, the bunker has recently been listed for sale on a property website.

The listing states the bunker was renovated in 2012 to meet government standards, and can withstand a 20 kiloton nuclear blast. The walls are 90 centimetres thick and are built with 4 000 to 6 000 psi high-strength concrete.

The bunker has multiple “luxury apartments” and bedrooms, a 15-seater movie theatre that doubles as a classroom, a workshop, a first aid facility and even decontamination showers among all its other amenities.

If you’re interested in buying, or just want to take a look at more bunker pictures, click here.

Source: CNET

Images credit: Estately

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