Single page from Spider-Man comic sells for more than R50 million

Date:16 January 2022 Author: Micayla Vellai Tags:, ,

The name ‘Spider-Man’ is in the spotlight, and it’s not only because a thrilling, new movie has been released. The public is raving about a single page from a 1984 Spider-Man comic book that sold for $3.36 million (over R50 million) at an auction in Texas earlier this week.

According to Heritage Auctions, “the Web-Slinger is also responsible for what is now the world’s most valuable page of original comic book artwork” which was drawn by Mike Zeck, and shows the first appearance of the friendly neighbourhood hero in a black and white costume.

This was also a costume with a secret because it very soon turns out to be alive and have its own agenda – the origin of the character Venom!

Another page from the same comic (1984’s Secret Wars No. 8) sold for $288,000 (more than R4.4 million), and together, the two pages of Spider-Man cashed in an impressive $3.64 million (over R56 million)!

“We could not be happier, especially for our consignor, who bought the art in the late 1980s and treasured these pages ever since,” says Joe Mannarino, Heritage Auctions’ New York Director of Comics & Comic Art in a statement. “[The] results prove what we’ve long been saying: Comic book art is as beloved and valuable as anything put on canvas.”

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