• Skyscraper review: Don’t look down

    Date:13 July 2018 Author: Asheeqah Howa Tags:, , ,

    Dwayne Johnson takes the lead in this new action flick from Universal Studios. Although there were moments of promise, this movie seemed to be cut and past from a more successful franchise 3 decades old: Die Hard. It almost seemed reassuring with the addition of an amputee hero who can do things just as well as an able bodied hero. However this twist to the formula of action movies did little to bring the level of the film up to the standards expected from not only the trailer but from previous action flicks The Rock has graced the screens with. The homage to duct tape was something I particularly liked as it appealed to those who know the multitude of uses for duct tape. As the old saying goes: “ You can never have too much duct tape.”


    Skyscraper hits theaters 13 July. See trailer below:

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