Small scale farming plays important role in meeting the world’s ongoing food security

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Small scale farming plays an increasingly important role in meeting the world’s ongoing food security and to support them, technological advancements are constantly being made to deliver efficient, climate-resilient practices that add to their bottom line.

Pieter Smuts, the Managing Director of Husqvarna South Africa says this move to support small farmers has also seen the development of equipment for this sector. “Small farmers are increasingly turning to technology to increase yields, improve quality and reduce costs. This impacts every part of their production process including the equipment they use,” Pieter says.

Small farmers often don’t have the cash flow to buy big tractors and other equipment. So, what equipment options should they be using? Pieter shares some examples of the equipment that has been engineered by Husqvarna that’s proving to be a game changer for Africa’s small farmers:

1. Clearing new land

Drought, changes in rainfall patterns and bush encroachment all lead to a loss of cultivated land. With the right equipment though, clearing land isn’t as big a job as you may expect. Chainsaws, clearing saws and pole saws make quick work of forestry, thick greenery and branches. Plus, rough grass, weeds, small bushes or brushwood are cleared effectively with brushcutters. Husqvarna’s brushcutters feature trimmer heads that can be easily adjusted by changing the type of blade depending on the task – from fine trimming to heavy work in rough terrain. And to finish the job, an effective stump remover such as Husqvarna’s versatile stump grinder, is an absolute must if you want to get rid of roots and stumps with minimum effort, even in tight areas.

2. Garden tractors

A small ride-on tractor is an effective, even essential tool for the small farmer. Cost effective, manoeuvrable and easier to store than a large tractor, these are available with a range of attachments, making them a versatile tool that can be used all year round.  Easy to operate and maintain, the Husqvarna Garden Tractor offers great usability and is a powerful partner on any small farm.

3. Soil preparation

Every farmer needs to cultivate soil to achieve results but using manual tools can be time consuming. With a motorised tiller, small farmers get the job done with minimal effort. To meet this need, Husqvarna has designed a series of rear-tine models for use on densely packed earth and has a variety of tiller attachments that can be matched to the required working depths and widths. Tough and durable with a powerful overhead-valve engine, it is simple to handle, manoeuvre, transport and store. There’s also a range of attachments available for different jobs, including a ridger and a weed tool.

4. Water Management

Water management is critical to crop survival and maximising the small farmer’s yield potential. Ensuring fields get enough water is as important as ensuring the area isn’t being over-watered. A reliable water pump for irrigation and draining is, therefore, another essential tool for the small farmer and Husqvarna’s range of pumps ensures they will find one that is suited to their specific needs. Powerful yet energy-efficient, compact and lightweight, they are easy to move to wherever they are needed.

5. Spraying

One of the most common forms of pesticide application is the use of mechanical sprayers and this is where Husqvarna has a reputation for providing invaluable tools. Motorised sprayers result in reduced operator fatigue, more consistent spraying and improved productivity. Rugged durability, ergonomics and the ability to satisfy a wide array of applications, Husqvarna offers a range of powerful sprayers based on tank size. When combined with our misters and dusters for pest control, small farmers have everything they need for plant care work in Africa.

Having the right equipment is not only essential for maximum profitability and productivity, but it will also save you time, frustration and will make your life so much easier. For more information or to view Husqvarna’s range of products, visit

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