Smart, adaptable office space for Coroflot

  • Image credit: Jim Golden
  • Image credit: Jim Golden
  • Image credit: Josh Partee
  • Image credit: Josh Partee
Date:4 September 2017 Author: Nikky Knijf Tags:, , ,

What if your office space can change with your requirements? This smart, adaptable office space for Coroflot makes the office space their own – one employee at a time.

The inexorable flow towards cities is putting pressure on living space. It’s no surprise that designers the world over are spending time trying to make the most challenges our world brings them. Many have come to the party with ideas that give almost everything a multitude of purposes.

Portland-based design studio Los Osos took on that exact challenge when they designed this smart space. The challenge: Coroflot. This online design services directory, needed an ultra-smart office space for its staff. It also needed to change and adapt with the company.

The space also had to live inside a working warehouse where other things were happening all the time.

The trailer’s structure comprises a Douglas Fir (we call it Oregon Pine) post-and-beam frame and polycarbonate walls built on a trailer. The polycarbonate walls allow for as much light as possible to enter the office without compromising on privacy. The modular interior is designed by Los Osos principal, Laurence Sarrazin. The compact office space includes a meeting area, kitchenette and workstations, but can be adjusted.

Sarrazin told Fast Company Design that the small business market is where this type of design shows its real value. “Across every aspect of running a business, you confront the question of investing more up front for something that lasts and is extensible, or of putting in less money and accepting it as a sunk cost with no residual value.”

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