Smart water bottles and why they’re good for you

  • The DrinkUp bottl's lid displays information.
Date:14 November 2019 Author: Anita Froneman

It seems like everything remotely technology-related these days are termed “smart.” But this latest trend in fitness and health is genius. Smart water bottles have a range of features that contribute to your daily water intake and overall health. Varying in technological advancement, these bottles can do almost anything. No more excuses to not drink enough water!

The HidrateSpark is a smart water bottle that can be paired to your phone via bluetooth and lights up with a simple LED light to remind you when it’s time to rehydrate. You can also choose to receive reminders directly on your phone.

A personalised hydration goal is calculated daily and adjusts throughout the day based on your body specifics and activity level. The app also calculates your environment, altitude, along with your age, weight, height and sex in order to determine your optimal hydration level. You can also connect with friends within the app for extra motivation and map your progress daily, weekly and monthly.

The HidrateSpark app

A Bluetooth-enabled microprocessor sensor underneath the lid tracks how much you consume while the companion app delivers your stats. The device is powered via two coin cell batteries which means you don’t have to routinely charge it. This bottle is made of a BPA-free Tritan plastic, which means it is a great multiple-use alternative to regular single-use plastic bottles.

The DrinKup water bottle is similar but has some added features, like displaying the necessary stats on the lid as well as in the app. This indicates your current hydration level based on your daily goal that’s calculated given your height and weight. When the number drops below 80 percent, the lid vibrates and flashes a with heart icon to alert you to drink. It also sends an alert to your phone.

What makes this one different, though, is that it also tracks water quality — just turn the bottle upside down, wait for it to vibrate, and turn it back over. The lid displays the current water temperature so you know if it’s grown stale. This bottle is made stainless steel, which conveniently helps to keep the water cool.

The DrinkUp bottle’s lid displays information.

Most smart bottles also have the added ability to sync with other apps such as Apple Health and Fitbit. There are countless other brands out there, each with different features and matching different price ranges including H20Pal, Ozmo Active, Hydra Coach, EQUA and more. Prices range from R280 up to R1 260.



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