• Sony apologises for PS5 pre-order mess up

    Date:21 September 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

    During the PlayStation 5 showcase event which took place last week Sony announced the price and release date for its next-generation consoles. Now, Sony are in the dog box because of a a botched pre-order rollout.

    After the PS5 showcase, which took place on 16 September, Sony took to twitter to announced the pre-order dates, confirming PS5 pre-orders will be made available the very next day.

    As Sony announced, the console was indeed made available for pre-order via online retail. However, as you would imagine with a console as popular as the PS5 websites selling the PS5 were inundated with users, eventually leading to them crashing under the load, not long after that, the next-generation consoles were completely sold out. This left fans furious, as Sony’s sudden meltdown meant most gamers were unable to order one in time, and crashed websites meant those who were on time still couldn’t order their PS5.

    The botched pre-order rollout had many people feeling disappointed and discontent over the manner in which the pre-orders had been handled. As you know, when people aren’t happy about something, they take to Twitter to vent their anger, which forced Sony to come out at and apologise for the pre-order fiasco. The tech giant also assured customers that more consoles will be made available for pre-orders throughout the year.


    Image: Twitter/PlayStation


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